Day 31 of Pipet, 9091st Year after Kampar

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Welcome the the Order of Kampar

Prophecy of 9085

  • Niffi is the first to descend, as Language barriers drop open communication swells the galaxy's populace in a seemingly harmonious time of unification. This time of unification however swells the populace to levels it can not sustain as refuge numbers grow to uncontrollable numbers.

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Month of Warwils

Today marks the month of Warwils, Kamparian Deity of the Disciplines of greed, chaos, as well as pain. Bring on the Kamparian Gladiatorial Games, who will you be backing...Man, or Beast?
To read the Prophecy of the month of Warwils go to Monthly Prophecy or to read a little about the culture and traditions surrounding the month of Warwils go here.

Month of Lhepo

Prepare to gorge on Trimpian and Vagnerian canape as the month of Lhepo is upon us. Make an effort this year to retrace your roots and fill the air with song.
Be sure to read the Month of Lhepo's Prophecy if it is your birth month and for those curious about our ways, you can learn more about the traditions played out during the month of Lhepo here.

Month of Oodlud

The Harsh winter is behind us now, drink, go forth and merry make for the Month of Oodlud is upon us.

For those born in the merry making month of Oodlud ensure you take note of the Month of Oodlud's Prophecy and for the curious find accounts of traditions played out during the month of Oodlud here.

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